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10 Benefits of Taking a Recovery Bath

The Mom’s Recovery, Recovery Bath is an all-natural postpartum bath that can be described as a “tea” bath, a “sitz” bath, and/or “herbal” bath.

There’s a long history of this postpartum bath in the Haitian and Asian culture that’s proven to provide long-lasting recovery for not just women postpartum, but all women who can benefit from any of the points listed below.

  1. Realigns the body postpartum

  2. Helps restore your physical and emotional well-being

  3. Helps tighten vaginal walls

  4. Allows your body to absorb the natural vitamins from the ingredients

  5. Helps to restore hormonal imbalance

  6. Speeds up the vaginal recovery process postpartum

  7. Increases blood flow to your perineum and labia

  8. Cleanses and detoxes the vaginal area

  9. Reduces stress

  10. Soothes and shrink hemorrhoids


Mom's Recovery
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