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A Mom's Story



Giving birth is an experience no one can thoroughly capture in words. While pregnancy itself is a miraculous journey, what many women experience postpartum can begin a completely different type of journey. During your recovery you can feel physically and emotionally unbalanced.


As a new mom, I was uncertain of what to expect. I read countless books and blogs. Followed tips from the internet tribe of mothers who somehow become virtual friends. Yet, I still felt my experience was solely mine. 


My pregnancy went smoothly and blessedly my delivery mirrored my pregnancy. However post-delivery, I felt overwhelmed with a myriad of emotions. Love and gratitude merged with anxiety and hopelessness. Everyday was a journey of peaks and valleys. Alternating moments of indescribable elation clashed with moments of inexplicable fear. I found myself overcome with tears of happiness followed by tears of sorrow. 


For weeks I battled my feelings with a sense of shame. Shame, at having tears of sadness while my blessing gazed into my eyes. Shame, for experiencing anything but the joys of motherhood.


With the help of my sister-in-law, a woman’s health expert and Nurse practitioner, I was introduced to a traditional Haitian herbal bath and massage. At what felt like 4 long weeks postpartum, that tradition, almost instantly restored my balance and my soul. In truth, I felt like it saved my life. 

Twa Bain


In Haitian culture there is a postpartum practice of administering “twa bain” meaning three baths to a woman who has recently given birth. These herbal baths are seen as an integral part of the new mother’s recovery process. My own herbal bath, made of all natural ingredients, in conjunction with a therapeutic essential oil massage provided a recovery in mind, body, and spirit that made me feel aligned. 


After my experience I thought to myself, if I could give moms even a fraction of what was given to me, then I must. The induction into motherhood is a special membership, both the newborn and the new mom need to be handled with care. This is why I wanted to share my truth and journey with other moms. This is why Mom’s Recovery was created. 


The purpose of Mom’s Recovery is to provide postpartum care for moms everywhere with a self-care routine for the mind, body, and soul... after the trip we’ve been on, we all deserve to feel balanced and whole again.

Word of Mouth

“I had high hopes for this product, and it definitely lived up to everything I expected and needed - calming, relaxing and honestly, hopeful.”

- Marie Simon - 

"I’m excited about the launch of this product. I know first hand how sitz and bains can benefit new mothers."

- Cassandre Harris - 

“The body goes through so much during labor. The Recovery Bath is the detoxing bath all women need.”

- Rachel Sanchez - 

Mom's Recovery
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