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Recovery Bath - How To

Wondering how to use the Mom's Recovery, Recovery Bath?

Watch the short video below, which demonstrates steps to use the Recovery Bath.

1 - Place Recovery Bath in large tea bag provided

2 - Bring a pot of water to boil

3 - Place tea bag, containing Recovery Bath, in a pot of boiling water

4 - Allow tea bag to sit in pot of boiling water for up to 5-10 minutes

5 - Remove tea bag from pot of water

6 - Fill bathtub with warm water

7 - Pour pot of water into bathtub

8 - Regulate temperature - should be hot, but bearable

9 - Step into bathtub and soak for 25-30 minutes

10 - Once out of bathtub, keep body temperature warm with socks, robe, warm clothing, etc.

TIP: It's optimal to follow the bath with the Recovery Oil full-body massage


Mom's Recovery
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